Today is such a nice day, though it is 31st October, Halloween and weather is not very promising.  At least one can see a sun outside and smile to it. Thanks to the tradition we have a public holiday tomorrow. For Russian people Halloween is nothing special, just a western celebration. However, I started to accept this day and today I have a chance to enjoy it.

The story will not be about Halloween, though it might be a great old story behind it. My focus today is a time management. I am not going to reveal some wonderful magic techniques simply found from google, but I am really wondering how people manage their time being terribly busy but still, running things so smoothly. My honest and deep admiration to all of you.

I was thinking,  what am I doing wrong? Why I am not able to manage all my plans and wishes? Or do I take too much for myself at once? Probably not that much. Oh it is not much at all. It should be mentioned that I am a person who does not like wasting time. For example, I do not watch any series or movies. I find it useless, addictive and boring with rare exceptions. I do not go to the cinema or theater. Exhibitions, workshops, parties, clubs etc. are all behind me. It seems like I am extremely  unsociable person, does not it? Some say yes, others say no, however I consider myself indeed fully sociable person. It is just not easy to find really nice places, nice people, nice movies and nice parties. I am a person of inspiration and passion which means everything I do, I do with eager, strong commitment and motivation.

Back to the issue of time management. I would write a lot how hard it is to follow all your plans, but let me be stuck to the point. Simply how? How one can manage the time to fulfill all the tasks set? Using the notes or calendar? What if something spontaneous comes up? What if you are not in a mood all of a sudden?

By the way, today I use a short note with my tasks for a day. There are 6 tasks. The first I guess is about to be done 😉

I do promise to share useful techniques which work for me. So, let’s go and realize the to-do list.