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I want freedom

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
― Elie Wiesel


Like many others, I wish to be free in my choice, opinion and speech. Our modern society reached a lot throughout history from slavery to gay marriage. And I am very proud of that!

I have to admit that I live in a great country called Germany. With all its difficulties I really love this place, laws, culture and history. Even though my heart is in eastern countries, my comfort zone is in Germany. Thanks to this country I achieved what I have now and I constantly develop my personality.

Originally I am from Russia – a different, yet, amazing, cold country. My home, my family, my childhood, very important period was in Russia. It is my home because my parents live there, and with their help, I am where I am now, in Europe.

There are many stereotypes, jokes, prejudice about Russia and its people. Of course, there is a reason for that and from some extent it is true. I like Russia because, again, it is my home, my roots, my family. But I do not like living there. That is why I moved to Germany.

This feeling when you cannot change anything when you are nothing and powerless. When without money you are like an object and just have to live your life as it is. To say shortly, I always felt lonely there and limited in my opportunities. Thanks to free education in Germany I have honoured a chance to move there to study and expand my opportunities to the full.

I made my choice because I want freedom, equality, diversity, and respect. In the 21st century, everybody has a right to live life to the fullest and have a choice. Freedom – like temptation, hard to achieve, but once you get it, you never want to lose it.

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Exams approach everybody who study in school, college or university. We all have a different attitude to them, different preparation strategies, and background. However, we can’t avoid taking them unless we ignore higher education.

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This topic concerns me a lot at the moment, surprisingly, at the final stage of my second higher education.  What human nature! We discover something important only at the final stage of the route. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that right now.

In my first university degree in Russia, I had shown rather good results, with an exception of 2 subjects that I simply did not like at all. I remember, those good students who used to learn everything by heart running after excellent grades ignoring social life.

Well, I could do the same and be excellent in everything. But if I ask myself what is the purpose, I simply cannot find justification. In order to get a great job in Russia with high career potential, you do not need the best diploma with excellent grades. Your personality plays a more important role there than your university performance. So, my motivation was really low per se.

When I came to Germany to study a new bachelor my mindset did not change. Even though the grades here are important and increase your chances to get a good job, I neglected that fact. Probably I just did not really believe that. It was hard to study there. Hard in a sense that you are not familiar with these rules, tradition, customs, teaching methods and most important examination and evaluation rules. What was important in Russia, does not matter anymore in Germany.

Honestly speaking, I had been doing my best from the day of arrival to Germany.  I had no idea how to make the best performance but I tried! That was really crazy to write all my 6 subjects in the first exam period without attending 70% of lectures. Why I was so confident? It is good to be confident, but I neglected rationality and common sense. I was not productive at all. Time-management was one of those weird definitions I ignored. I thought I could perform well and meanwhile have a parttime job because financing myself was a priority.

Indeed, I found many parttime jobs and could finance myself during my studies. And what is more, I feel a real satisfaction! Because I feel independent and my German is improved to an advanced level.

Recently I had a nice discussion with a friend of mine about grades and its value, and she brought a really interesting idea. According to Maria, there are students who like to study and who like to work. I never enjoyed the study process itself because I don’t see a result. And work gives you a direct result and motivation. Studying is a theory, but work is the real world. I like to learn something that impresses me, that has a value and can be useful in practice. That is why I prefer work, make mistakes, correct them, improve my skills, grow my personality and learn from mistakes.

Even though my performance in university could be improved I worked hard all these 5 years. My final conclusion and lesson learned is the importance of time management and self-discipline. And now I am on the way to make up the lost ground.