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What is friendship?

“A real friend will always be there for you, in hard times and only on your side. With close friends, you can share the deepest feelings and be open.”

The most common phrase from people. I remember I used to hear it very often. But is it really true?


How I see friendship: a relation between 2 people, enjoyed without jealousy, but with respect, kindness, honesty. These 2 people could be very different in character and personality. From a friend you do not expect anything in return or follow all your ideas and share an opinion.

So far I noticed that it does not always work out. There are people that attract you and you want to be friends with them, but you do not feel like sharing your feelings. It can be a nice and fun time with them, but such relations are most probably based only on common interests and within the current life situation. Examples are school or university life, internships, gap years. It is like a temporary friendship that, of course, might continue forever.

Another observation is that with different friends we might behave slightly different as well. At work, you most probably will be very careful with friends because it is your reputation and image. At university you are also careful, so no gossips or mobbing happen. I call it something like role models.

People come and go, but true friends stay forever. This is my attitude. Friends can have hard times and it is absolutely normal.

I have only one close friend and I guess I do not need more. Close friend means a lot to me. This is a friend who stays with you no matter what happens and likes the way you are. We got some troubles and bad times and I thought I should leave. On the contrary, hard times made us stronger and careful to each other, we learned from mistakes and try to avoid them in future.

What is the secret? Honest, no betray, no gossips. Adjust to each other. I did not actually like my friend when I saw her for the first time. It was impossible but somehow we are best friends now! I think our secret is that we both admire each other. We appreciate our friendship and take care of it. We know much about our feelings and share secrets.

Back to the first sentence in this post, I confirm it is true for me. Though I do not expect from a true friend to be always on my side because people can have different views and I do not have any right to change them.

Friendship is a nice trip for both of you. It is not only about fun and joy but about respect and understanding. Being honest and helpful, sharing good and bad. Fake friendship cannot last long.


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I want freedom

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”
― Elie Wiesel


Like many others, I wish to be free in my choice, opinion and speech. Our modern society reached a lot throughout history from slavery to gay marriage. And I am very proud of that!

I have to admit that I live in a great country called Germany. With all its difficulties I really love this place, laws, culture and history. Even though my heart is in eastern countries, my comfort zone is in Germany. Thanks to this country I achieved what I have now and I constantly develop my personality.

Originally I am from Russia – a different, yet, amazing, cold country. My home, my family, my childhood, very important period was in Russia. It is my home because my parents live there, and with their help, I am where I am now, in Europe.

There are many stereotypes, jokes, prejudice about Russia and its people. Of course, there is a reason for that and from some extent it is true. I like Russia because, again, it is my home, my roots, my family. But I do not like living there. That is why I moved to Germany.

This feeling when you cannot change anything when you are nothing and powerless. When without money you are like an object and just have to live your life as it is. To say shortly, I always felt lonely there and limited in my opportunities. Thanks to free education in Germany I have honoured a chance to move there to study and expand my opportunities to the full.

I made my choice because I want freedom, equality, diversity, and respect. In the 21st century, everybody has a right to live life to the fullest and have a choice. Freedom – like temptation, hard to achieve, but once you get it, you never want to lose it.

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Exams approach everybody who study in school, college or university. We all have a different attitude to them, different preparation strategies, and background. However, we can’t avoid taking them unless we ignore higher education.

business college composition desk
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This topic concerns me a lot at the moment, surprisingly, at the final stage of my second higher education.  What human nature! We discover something important only at the final stage of the route. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that right now.

In my first university degree in Russia, I had shown rather good results, with an exception of 2 subjects that I simply did not like at all. I remember, those good students who used to learn everything by heart running after excellent grades ignoring social life.

Well, I could do the same and be excellent in everything. But if I ask myself what is the purpose, I simply cannot find justification. In order to get a great job in Russia with high career potential, you do not need the best diploma with excellent grades. Your personality plays a more important role there than your university performance. So, my motivation was really low per se.

When I came to Germany to study a new bachelor my mindset did not change. Even though the grades here are important and increase your chances to get a good job, I neglected that fact. Probably I just did not really believe that. It was hard to study there. Hard in a sense that you are not familiar with these rules, tradition, customs, teaching methods and most important examination and evaluation rules. What was important in Russia, does not matter anymore in Germany.

Honestly speaking, I had been doing my best from the day of arrival to Germany.  I had no idea how to make the best performance but I tried! That was really crazy to write all my 6 subjects in the first exam period without attending 70% of lectures. Why I was so confident? It is good to be confident, but I neglected rationality and common sense. I was not productive at all. Time-management was one of those weird definitions I ignored. I thought I could perform well and meanwhile have a parttime job because financing myself was a priority.

Indeed, I found many parttime jobs and could finance myself during my studies. And what is more, I feel a real satisfaction! Because I feel independent and my German is improved to an advanced level.

Recently I had a nice discussion with a friend of mine about grades and its value, and she brought a really interesting idea. According to Maria, there are students who like to study and who like to work. I never enjoyed the study process itself because I don’t see a result. And work gives you a direct result and motivation. Studying is a theory, but work is the real world. I like to learn something that impresses me, that has a value and can be useful in practice. That is why I prefer work, make mistakes, correct them, improve my skills, grow my personality and learn from mistakes.

Even though my performance in university could be improved I worked hard all these 5 years. My final conclusion and lesson learned is the importance of time management and self-discipline. And now I am on the way to make up the lost ground.





Die 10 goldenen Regeln für eine erfolgreiche Klausur

seems easy, until it comes to your case..)

Perspektiven und Blickwinkel

Zur Vorbereitung für eine Klausur empfehle ich dir meinen Artikel zum Erstellen eines Lernplans.

1. Vor der Klausur

Eine Klausur ist neben der Abfrage des Wissens immer auch ein Stress- und Belastungstest. Viele Studenten kommen damit gar nicht klar und hetzen vor der Klausur durch den Raum, bombardieren Leute mit Fragen oder beginnen dann noch zu lernen. Hier gilt vor allem eine Regel: Halte dich an dich selbst und dein eigenes Wissen. Auch wenn andere über Dinge reden, die du nicht gelernt hast, mach dir keine Gedanken. Wenn du dich an deinem Lernplan orientiert hast, kann es auch sein, dass die Kommilitonen etwas gelernt haben, was gar nicht Stoff der Klausur ist. Ich persönlich rede vor einer Klausur eigentlich kaum mit jemanden, sondern höre Musik und versuche meine Gedanken zu sammeln und auf den Moment zu konzentrieren.

2. Andere sind nicht besser

Andere Studenten kochen auch nur mit Wasser!…

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Digital era

Each day doesn’t look like the other one. If only we could have 30 hours instead of 24.

How to make everything planned happen? There is a feeling that you never have enough time for living. Every day you plan your tasks following up by weekly schedule setup and then even quarters or years. But ask a question “When am I going to live ?”
We are busy people, always hurry up, living with the fear of missing something. Living in a social media era I feel people loose their mind, in other words themselves.

There is no more free time to read a book before sleep with a cup of tea, marking favorite lines in text and thinking about universe. It doesn’t even matter how old you are, what social status or job title you have. Everyone is stuck in digital world of chatting, pictures and videos. Bloggers, Influencers, promotions, Instagram, followers. I don’t mind these things but I am afraid they are killing us slowly. I feel destroyed, unmotivated, even depressed after reading instagram feed with posts and videos of bloggers and so called influencers.

Several times I tried to understand their mission, I followed many different bloggers and studied their pages. Of course, there were many attractive pages with nice and clear design that makes you read all the posts from the page and get curious to follow their “stories”. However, a few weeks later I got simply bored of all those texts, pics and discussions in comments. To be honest, I did not find anything new. Everything one can find in google and no need to spend time on reading the posts.

You might say: but I want to read about people’s experiences and their personal tips. Here I will disappoint you, they are not totally fair with you and every blogger has his or her aim. To attract as many followers as possible, to get attention that is not enough in real life, to make “friends” and get approval or appraisal for actions.
Nobody cares about others because we are just rational human beings.
I got upset because I spent my time and energy on those people instead of reading Shakespeare’s sonnets for instance. Even though I used to read such literature in my university life.
I love my life and I take care of it. It is under my control, so I want to have only useful input in it.
I am aware of my actions but when I see young generation destroying themselves with social media and smartphone I feel sorry for them. Smartphone controls human being. Look around you carefully and you will understand what I mean.


Erasmus dive

What it is like to be an exchange student in a Dutch university?

If you, all of a sudden, feel bored in your uni life, study course or place you live, so here you are on the right direction.

The time you started to think about going abroad as an exchange student, means you miss challenges and fresh insights. Needless to say how much fun await you and what a diversity of international culture will surround you.

Erasmus exchange program is designed to build a cooperation between universities, promoting and sharing the knowledge. It is indeed a unique experience in your study life and life in general.

When you enter Avans university of applied sciences in Breda, you will find yourself around a group of international students sharing the common purpose to study for one semester. A group of tutors is there to help you answering the questions and giving overview of student life. In a nice warm atmosphere you enjoy a drink with other students. Most probably beer.

An international office team is also there to help you out with accommodation. Once arrived, they will bring you to your apartment where you sign a contract and receive the keys.

What really amazing is that the next day you are going to do sport that is obligatory there. Even the laziest ones, trust me you gonna love it! A couple of sport activities are organized within university for all Erasmus students where you meet first friends and make yourself comfortable.

So, the purpose of introductory days is to help you to turn around, find friends, get first insights about uni and feel the wave. I find it personally very helpful and important as I did not have anything similar in my home university in Germany. Why not? Probably my next story will tell about it. So, being around international students and assisted all the time you start to feel as at home.

And now, the important part and what brought you there – study program. I was enrolled in minor called IPASM (International public affairs and stakeholder management). For an International Relations student this minor is of high relevance and sounds really attractive. To be honest I had no idea what is it going to be when I signed an Erasmus agreement. But my heart told me to use this chance.

And I was right! Especially after my uni, I finally feel I can develop my personality. The engagement there is every single day, it does not give you a chance to be ignored. Finally, you make friends here, enjoy, and interact with professors. Don’t get me wrong, all that is also could be found in my uni in Germany, but there is still a difference.

The minor I took is really interactive. Here you learn with others and in groups. Dutch professors will check your knowledge differently. They evaluate your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your skills. It is a huge difference from German university. I am not trying to generalize but yet there are some assumptions.

It might seem to be easy to study there at first, but then you find out that demands and expectations to you are very high. For me, I guess the most difficult was to run negotiations due to the fact that our professor was an English native speaker and his task was to improve our English as well as leadership skills. For many it seems easy task, but trust me it is not. You are sitting with other 20-25 students divided into 5 interest groups. Every week there is a round of negotiations where you have to defend your group position. The topics are determined shortly before the class. Topics are indeed very interesting and concern world’s issues. The tough part here is that you are limited in time therefore must act fast and confident. Communication and presenting skills are of high importance in life. You should really train it and develop.


Avans university minor program IPASM offers a unique studio for students to train their creativity, develop personality and teamwork skill. Here you will be trained to work for the companies as a future professional and solve real issues. A deep dive into prototyping and overload of creativity await you. I think that was the best time during my minor there. It is so amazing how students grow within this studio, break the ice between each other and unite to solve the main problem.

Of course, exchange semester is not only about studying, but about social life, too. Breda is a cute little town where you find a lot of things to do. Sport activities both indoor and outdoor, nightlife, shopping, and travelling! The location allows to travel easily with the train or bus to nearby countries like Germany and Belgium, as well as within Netherlands.

Still hesitating? Read the text above again and pose your questions in comments. I guarantee you a great experience there, of course, if you are open-minded and easygoing person who is looking for a change. No time to say more, just go to Avans University website for more details.

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Осень. Такая разная, теплая в этом году, солнечная. Нет дождя, как же я рада! Отличное время для поиска себя, новых желаний, хобби, встреч. Наконец-то, я открываю что-то новое в себе. Поиск практики открывает с каждым днем новые границы. Хотя, нет уж, какие границы, ведь их нет. Нет для меня границ, вот так. Хочу пробовать все, что возможно и доступно пока не найду то, что у меня отлично получается. Как говорится, раскрыть талант надо, а он закопан у всех. Интересно, какой же у меня талант?

Я люблю анализировать, просчитывать сценарии, действия. Всегда считала, что жизнь – это лабиринт с множеством дорог. Вспоминаю свое детство, как я всегда хотела выучить английский язык. Это казалось мне суперспособностью, необычным навыком, а главное таким притягательным. И мне сразу понравился этот язык, более того, я всегда чувствовала, что на правильном пути. Для многих сейчас английский язык не звучит как супернавык и он считается сейчас простым. Я не соглашусь, и не признаю этого, так как это неправда. Тот, кто говорит, что английский простой, заблуждается. Конечно, тема сейчас не о всей красе лексики англйиского языка и его уникальной фонетики. Сегодня я пишу о себе, о своем поиске.

Да, у меня есть диплом переводчика. Но в принципе, я не мечтала быть переводчиком. Мне было все равно как называется специальность при поступлении, главное было, выучить английский язык. На самом деле это дало мне возможность путешествовать, узнать столько информации о жизни заграницей, в конце концов дало возможность учить немецкий. Во время моей учебы я узнала, что есть абсолютно реальная возможность поехать учиться в Германию, в страну с таким высоким уровнем жизни, развитой социльной системой и сильной экономикой. Не могло не радовать наличие того факта, что можно учиться на английском. Долго размышлять не пришлось, я определила для себя переезд и поиск своего пути, там, где создана подходящая мне атмосфера. Это так здорово быть здесь, хотя я еще студент, но даже это звучит гордо. Я чувствую, что все правильно сделала, даже тогда, когда меня одолевают сомнения.

Сейчас для меня непростой период, когда я скоро заканчиваю университет и мне предстоит пройти практику, где я смогу ( а может и нет) определиться с направлением своей будущей деятельности. Это непросто, однако. Но ведь, столько шансов и возможностей делать то, что ты хочешь. Всегда было интересно, как у других. Как вот люди находят свое так называаемое призвание. В один день проснулся и понял? Почти все кругом знают чего они хотят, а я не совсем. Наверное, потому что я хочу многого, а выбрать придется что-то одно. Хотя?