Digital era

Each day doesn’t look like the other one. If only we could have 30 hours instead of 24.

How to make everything planned happen? There is a feeling that you never have enough time for living. Every day you plan your tasks following up by weekly schedule setup and then even quarters or years. But ask a question “When am I going to live ?”
We are busy people, always hurry up, living with the fear of missing something. Living in a social media era I feel people loose their mind, in other words themselves.

There is no more free time to read a book before sleep with a cup of tea, marking favorite lines in text and thinking about universe. It doesn’t even matter how old you are, what social status or job title you have. Everyone is stuck in digital world of chatting, pictures and videos. Bloggers, Influencers, promotions, Instagram, followers. I don’t mind these things but I am afraid they are killing us slowly. I feel destroyed, unmotivated, even depressed after reading instagram feed with posts and videos of bloggers and so called influencers.

Several times I tried to understand their mission, I followed many different bloggers and studied their pages. Of course, there were many attractive pages with nice and clear design that makes you read all the posts from the page and get curious to follow their “stories”. However, a few weeks later I got simply bored of all those texts, pics and discussions in comments. To be honest, I did not find anything new. Everything one can find in google and no need to spend time on reading the posts.

You might say: but I want to read about people’s experiences and their personal tips. Here I will disappoint you, they are not totally fair with you and every blogger has his or her aim. To attract as many followers as possible, to get attention that is not enough in real life, to make “friends” and get approval or appraisal for actions.
Nobody cares about others because we are just rational human beings.
I got upset because I spent my time and energy on those people instead of reading Shakespeare’s sonnets for instance. Even though I used to read such literature in my university life.
I love my life and I take care of it. It is under my control, so I want to have only useful input in it.
I am aware of my actions but when I see young generation destroying themselves with social media and smartphone I feel sorry for them. Smartphone controls human being. Look around you carefully and you will understand what I mean.

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